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Voice & Data Partners

Sandler Partners is a private consultancy and auditing firm specializing in telecom service. Our mission is to connect our clients to the highest quality communications service providers for voice and data, while securing the lowest possible rate structure. Our auditing services include reviews of invoices and contracts, rate negotiations, and vendor selection. Our private consultancy practice includes all aspects of telecom, but focuses on disaster recovery and business continuity planning. The company serves as a resource to companies seeking an analytical and informed vendor audit and vendor selection process amid the complex telecom market where service outages are common, overcharging is almost customary, and overpaying is rampant.

The Sandler Story

Alan Sandler and the telecommunications ventures he has started and co-founded have repeatedly been featured in Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Sandler Partners’ rapid ascension as one of the country's elite telecommunications consultancies is no exception to this pattern of extraordinary organic growth through service excellence.  A seasoned telecommunications industry veteran, Alan recognized that, as the world became connected, both with and without wires, the value proposition for communications services was migrating away from the connection itself and toward how that connection is used, and that the pace of innovation would make purchasing decisions a headache for business and IT managers whose time is better spent propelling their own businesses forward.

In 2003, Alan founded Sandler Partners— a communications services agency that, by design, functions on a vendor- and technology-neutral basis and takes the headaches of communications decision management away from business managers.  Through a proprietary auditing and review process, Sandler Partners improves communications services features and functionality while dramatically lowering costs.   This process, coupled with a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of more than 70 carriers, allows Sandler to confidently determine when to use big carriers, when to use boutique firms and how to incorporate mission-critical features like data storage and carrier redundancy.   Many leading American businesses rely on Sandler Partners as an honest broker in a space marked by rapid change and confusion.  Yours can too.

The Sandler Commitment

Many of the country's leading communications consultants, IT experts, interconnects and phone vendors rely on Sandler Partners for carrier agreements, training and market knowledge.  When a Sandler Partners agent works with your business, you can expect:

  • Absolute neutrality:  Sandler Partners has relationships with more than 70 carriers with no underlying commitments or quotas.  Our recommendations are always in your best interest.
  • Zero risk:  Sandler agents employ risk-free auditing techniques.  There is never a charge for us to review your bill.  If we can't help you save money or improve your service, we tell you.  When we can, you don't have to.  We manage the headaches for you, but you're always in control.
  • Lifetime support:  When you follow our plan of action for your company's communications services, we manage the entire process - from turning up your service to troubleshooting.  We want to be your partner for life, and we treat your account like it is our own.