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About Facilicom

Facilicom Incorporated was founded to leverage the marketplace demand in the DFW Metroplex for industry leading business telecommunications products using a progressive and unique sales and service approach.  Overall, our company can be characterized as a telecommunications hardware, software and services business specializing in companies with a desire for an honest, fair and loyal business partner.

Unlike other telecom system providers, Facilicom will add value through application of a strong partnering effort in each customer encounter, rather than the traditional persuasion effort.  The partnering approach supports the long-term goal of attaining deep customer loyalty and favorably altering the tendency of most customers to make sourcing decisions based predominantly on price.

The global market for telecom equipment is growing and technology is advancing, resulting in telecom products being manufactured in greater quantities with enhanced features, at greater value to the business user.  Furthermore, the features offered in contemporary telephone systems are now becoming “must haves” rather than just niceties.  In order to meet expectations of their customers and clients, business operators now must have communication systems that allow instant access and ease of use.

Purchasers of business telephone systems have become increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable over recent years.  They now have a better understanding of available technology and features than ever before, and value suppliers who will take the time to listen to their needs, and who will partner with them to customize an optimal solution.

Facilicom’s business concept is based on taking a strong product line like Avaya to market in North Texas, using a differentiated approach to the selling process and after the sale service.  With Avaya’s experience of over 100 years of providing the most trusted communications systems, Facilicom feels that it represents one of, if not, the best in the industry.

For many years our leadership observed that businesspeople in the market for telecom systems are approached and can be sold to by bias sales people, and that these types of business relationships are naturally limited.  Over time, customers have concluded that in these limited relationships, the possibility exists that the full truth is not being shared with them.  As discussed previously, the telecommunications market is rapidly changing and leaving the customer with many options, creating demand for a partner that understands the environment and the possible confusion.  The Facilicom approach will serve customers who desire a simplified approach to the procurement of our products and services, and who demand honesty and a partnering relationship over the long term.

This concept grew out of the belief that a person should be able to make a purchase as any consumer would like to; educated about the industry and products he or she is reviewing for purchase and ultimately confident in the choice.